Welcome to my website, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Iddo Riemersma and since April 2007 I work as a self-employed technical/scientific consultant in my company Sidekick Project Support.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • Traffic related exhaust gas emissions, fuel consumption, emission legislation and pollution
  • Exhaust gas emission reduction technologies, e.g. catalysts and particulate filters
  • Effects on fuel consumption and emissions in relation to driving behaviour and traffic flow

My contributions vary from project leader to acting as representative in international meetings, and from data processing to writing or translating reports. Usually I will have a supporting task in projects, hence the name ‘Sidekick Project Support’.

Keywords: automotive, powertrains, transport, vehicles, traffic , driving behaviour, CO2, fuel consumption, air pollution, emissions, legislation, testprocedure, testcycle, air quality, catalysts, particulate filters, hybrid vehicle technology


How may I assist you?

What I can offer is to have a supporting role in specific parts of a project where my experience and expertise are well appreciated. Here are some examples that I have in mind:
  • Technical support to advice my client in taking a policy position;
  • Representing my client in international discussion groups as technical expert;
  • Performing research, data gathering and writing a report that answers specific research questions;
  • Executing complex data processing activities and/or simulations;
  • Coordination over a research project or policy consultancy task.
However, the scope of my work is not necessarily limited to the fields in which I have gained my experience. I have a proven record as an overall project leader, even in different areas or subjects. I have good project management skills, am capable to deal with complex data, able to be convincing, and I am a talented reporter who will deliver clear papers or reports both in Dutch as in English.


How did Sidekick start?

From 1998 to 2006 I was employed by TNO Automotive in the Netherlands, where I developed into an expert on traffic related emissions from a scientific perspective. The projects I ran were primarily aimed at research into this area, commonly to support environmental policies. Consequently, my main clients were national and international governments. For example, I was involved in the development of new European emission legislation for trucks by order of the European Commission.

During my time at TNO I gained experience in setting up research projects and practiced consultancy on environmental issues. Together with other European research institutes I supported activities to increase knowledge and data on vehicle emissions. For more information on my background and an overview of projects that I was involved in please refer to my CV.

In the summer of 2006 I moved with my family to the peaceful village Zwiggelte in the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. The reason for this was our desire to move out of the busy ‘Randstad’ area to a place where there still is space and peace in abundance. As a consequence I had to quit my job since the travelling distance would simply be too far. However, I preferred to continue working in the same field, so I chose to become an independent consultant. The flexibility of being independent also allowed me to combine my work with taking care of our two boys, and to spend time on rebuilding and decorating our farmhouse.

Finally I would like to mention that I use 20% of the gross income of Sidekick Project Support on charity, in particular to organisations that promote education and care to disadvantaged children in developing countries. This motivated by my conviction as a Christian that we should freely share our wealth with those that are in need. This a selection of the supported organisations: 
Compassion, Heart for Haïti, Cherith Interntl, Stop Poverty, Harvest India, and Youth with a Mission.


Some companies I have worked for


My Curriculum Vitae

Download my CV as EuropassDownload my Europass CV

Iddo Riemersma


Current and finished tasks performed by Sidekick Project Support

Client Task
Transport & Environement (Brusselse NGO) Technical consultancy and representing T&E in international meetings for the development of a new world-harmonized emission and fuel consumption test procedure for passenger cars (WLTP)
European Commission, 
DG Grow (BE) Supporting activities in the development of a new world-harmonized emission test procedure for cars (WLTP), e.g. preparing proposals to reflect the EC position, writing technical reports, and providing feedback on legislative text proposals
PON Automotive (NL) Preparing a plan for the implementation of a durability labelling system for car dealerships, based on ISO 26000
TNO (NL) Project coordination over a European research project on the implementation of systems and technologies for autonomous driving vehicles (Cybercars 2). Fuel consumption calculation for three different bus configuration by simulation over a representative city bus cycle. Translating a report on retrofit diesel particulate filters in English.
Regio Haaglanden (NL) Consultancy for the use of CNG buses and the consequences on pollutant and CO2 emissions
TNO Industrie & Techniek Bepalen van brandstofverbruik voor drie specifieke bussen door simulatie over representatieve stadsbuscyclus
TU Graz (AU) Literature study in a search for emission data on mobile machinery


This is a selection of publications to which I contributed

  • Discrepancies between type-approval and real-world fuel consumption and CO2 values in 2001-2011 European passenger cars. View Publication.
  • From Laboratory to Road. View Publication.
  • From Laboratory to Road - A 2014 update. View Publication.
  • Development of a World-wide Harmonised Light duty driving Test Procedure (WLTP). View Publication.
  • Auto verbruikt veel meer dan beloofd (artikel in Autovisie). View Publication.
  • Publications, presentations and proposals issued  for T&E as input for WLTP are available at the UNECE website.


Let me know what I can do for you.

Email: iddo@sidekickprojects.nl

Phone: +31(0)593-565362 (landline) or +31(0)6 48665239 (mobile)

Skype iddo.riemersma